Entrepreneur Of The Year

This award is intended to honor an outstanding person that has made a significant business contribution to our community. Every citizen in Hartland and its surrounding area is eligible for this award without regard to race, creed, or gender, except the officers and directors of the Heartland Foundation and Hartland Consolidated Schools Foundation.  Consideration will not be limited to achievements of contributions during the year immediately proceeding the year of the award, but shall be cumulative over a period of years in the community.

All submissions must be received by February 15th.  In 100 words, please summarize the unique, distinguishing characteristics that make you or the nominee a potential Hartland Area Project Prize winner.  Provide supporting evidence.  You will also be asked to supply supporting documents as well as any relevant supporting information (press coverage, letters of recommendation, customer testimonials etc).  Nomination packet may include letters of recommendation and other supporting materials including biographical information on the nominee. The overall quality of the nomination packet which you prepare is an important factor in the selection process and will be considered by the Steering Committee.

The qualifications we are looking for are:

  • Strong track record of commercial success (in current and/or previous businesses)
  • Evidence that you’re building a major, scalable business or brand
  • Personal ambition and vision
  • Positive personal leadership of your own business & workforce
  • Impact on your own industry (disruptive or in setting standards over a longer period)
  • How you’re setting/influencing a positive wider agenda – eg, in public understanding of

entrepreneurship; or by giving back to society, local community; or impact on international markets.

2015 – Entrepreneur Of The Year