The Hartland Area Project recognizes the activity of a person, group or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to one these categories of community life.  The award comes with a $100 cash prize, a certificate, and recognition in the community.



The nominee must be a resident or worked part time in Livingston County for a minimum of 12 months prior to the date of nomination.  “Resident” is defined as someone maintains a principal residence in Livingston County or has held part time employment for this time.



Anyone may nominate a qualifying resident for recognition.  A nominee will be considered only for the category in which they are nominated.  Additional information may be requested of nominees so their contribution may be reviewed and considered.  Nominees must not have won the same prize in the last 5 years to be considered.


Each year a request for nominations may be mailed to organizations through Livingston County.  Nominations may also be solicited from the general public through printed and online media.  Nominations forms may be obtained online at www.hartlandareaproject.org/prizes


NOMINATION SUBMISSION: All submissions must be received by February 15th.  In 100 words, please summarize the unique, distinguishing characteristics that make you or the nominee a potential Hartland Area Project Prize winner.  Provide supporting evidence.  You will also be asked to supply supporting documents as well as any relevant supporting information (press coverage, marketing materials, customer testimonials etc).  Nomination packet may include letters of recommendation and other supporting materials including biographical information on the nominee. The overall quality of the nomination packet which you prepare is an important factor in the selection process and will be considered by the Steering Committee.




The recipients of all Hartland Area Project Prizes are selected by members of the Heartland Foundation and Hartland Consolidated Schools Foundation Boards.  In the event of a tie vote, the Chair has a second vote.


If there are no nominees, or if those nominated do not qualify under the specified criteria, no award will be presented that year.


Hartland Area Project Prizes are given posthumously only if the nominee dies after being selected the winner.


Submit a Nominee to:

Teacher Of The Year

Artist Of The Year

Citizen Of The Year

Entrepreneur Of The Year

Pastor Of The Year